You don’t pay your Dance teacher to teach Dance

It may seem strange but you are not handing your child to their mathematics teacher to teach them maths, anymore than you are entrusting the professional educators at The Studio to teach your child, Dance, Drama, Acrobatics, Music or Circus.

Image of acrobatic performers Springfield Brisbane

I can hear the gasps of disbelief Рbut it is true. Teachers of any genre; maths, science, dance, drama or music, teach your child to deal with adversity, to cope with stressful situations by turning to their community for support, and to leap, fall and grand jet̩ through their pitfalls.

We know that to develop stronger human beings, we must;

  1. Develop an awareness of those who SUPPORT them, a network of support
  2. Develop HOW they view themselves,
  3. Develop their ability to DO things!

The WAY we teach at The Studio – Springfield makes the world of difference to our students. We teach your children that in a world of disconnectedness there are people outside their immediate family that they can trust and that support them. This is what we teach our students in every lesson, through HOW we teach dance, drama, music and circus lessons.

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