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The Studio Springfield is entering it’s 11th year and the Dance Industry is still not regulated. Parents ring to ask the cost of the class, when it is & what uniform is required…but they do not ask who will teach my child, do they have a blue card, what experience with children have they had?

I remember my son being trained at the local football club, his first coach was great, he was a GOOD EDUCATOR (although he probably didn’t know it). The next coach, used to yell at the boys at half-time (they were 8!), he would stop the boys at the end of the game in the middle of the pitch, tell the boys to sit, and as he leant forward, hands on hips, aggressive, he would berate their game. That was our last season, the following year the kids were enrolled at a local private school and their teachers took Saturday sport! It cost me more, but we witnessed professional teachers who had age appropriate expectations instructing the children, the kids thrived, our family loved the experience.

So what questions should we ask of our Dance, Music, Acrobatics or Circus school;

1. Who will be teaching my child? May I see a copy of their Blue Card?
2. How is that teacher qualified to ensure safe methods in teaching my child, how experienced are they? May I see a copy of their teaching credentials?
3. How many children will be in my child’s class? Why
4. What type of conditions will my child be training in? Floor surface, air conditioning, barres, mirrors, acrobatic equipment
5. What opportunities are available to my child besides class?
6. What is the culture of the studio, are exams, competitions, performances compulsory? What are your expectations?
7. Are there any unique attributes that your school has to offer my

Unfortunately, the Performing Arts Industry in Queensland was de-regulated on the 26th April, 2004, and since then, anyone who wants to open a music, singing, drama, dance, acting, modelling school, may do so without having any formal or recognised qualifications and without being registered by any of the world renowned teaching bodies available to us in Australia.

The Studios who look after your child’s safety, who hold qualifications, and registrations with renowned teaching bodies, have higher overheads, insurance, exhaustive music licensing, updating equipment, effective flooring, safety equipment all adds to a higher investment rate by Studio Owners and higher fees for parents. Most importantly, although there are no government regulations telling us to do it, we LOVE and respect your children, so much so that we have created a community that is the very best for your child and family (and we are very proud of it)!

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