Finding The Studio that fits your family

Jazz Dance LessonsIt’s a great time to check out local dance schools by viewing their Annual Dance Concerts!  Have you been thinking about enrolling your child at a Dance school? You’re not sure which one…then now is a great time to have a look at their annual concerts.

When I was 6 years old, my Dance School moved and as my mum needed to find a new place to keep me moving and grooving, the search began. Over the following two years I was enrolled and DE-enrolled in six different dance schools until finally they found the ‘glove that fits’. During this time, one of the best barometers of school assessment was the combination of trying classes and watching a concert or display. As a parent, a concert gave my mum the overall outcome of a school; were the children given the opportunity to perform on a professional stage, were the costumes and dance style age appropriate, were there senior students for the younger ones to be inspired by?

I have never forgotten those two years. Mum didn’t drive at the time, so it meant catching a lot of public transport and walking to trial all the different dance schools. We even had one that had wanted to put me on pointe the following year (at 7!!!!).  When we finally found the one, ‘the glove that fits’, it became my Studio home for the next ten years of my dance education.

Don’t be afraid to try, try and try again until you find the ‘right fit’. When you do, you will know it; your child will blossom and you will feel at ease with your decision. In the meantime, get out there and ‘check out’ what’s on offer.

PS While you are at it…

The Studio of Performing Arts -Springfield Annual Concert tickets,

Annual Concert Saturday November 12th, St John’s Auditorium, Forest Lake Junior Concert 10.00am, Senior Concert 3.00pm. (Jnr Concert involves students from 2 year – School Grade 3, Snr Concert involves students from Grade 4 – Advanced)