Dance, Drama, Music & Acrobatic lessons at the studio of choice in Greater Springfield.


SOP_2106Tiny Tots & Junior Program Rates  (2 yrs РSchool Grade 3)

2017 Fee Schedule

Did you know that we have a great package rate for our Tiny Tots & Junior Studio Performers? Your child can participate in a multitude of lessons per week with professional educated school teachers in dance, drama, music & acrobatic classes PLUS we have all the equipment; dance flooring, acromat apparatus, barres, mirrors AND air-conditioning … but what does that mean? ¬†Your child is learning from people who know HOW to teach and they have all the equipment which means that their time spent with us is FAR more effective.

2 – 5 year olds can join 3 x 30 minute classes per week for just $26.45 each term week,

Preps & Grade 1s do 4 x 30 minute classes per week for just $10.50/class with Professional School Teachers

Grade 2s & Grade 3s join 4 x 45 minute classes/week for just $11.75 for each class


IMG_7060_1 Intermediate & Senior Program Studio Rates

With fantastic Multiple class discounts you can master every style of Dance, Drama, Music & Circus in our Intermediate and Senior School at an exceptional rate while having access to professional school teachers, who actually know the BEST way to teach you!