Extension programs

SOP_2369Performing Arts Extension Programs in Dance, Music and the Arts

Is your child wanting to perform solos at Eisteddfods, or apply for an Arts Scholarship? Are they interested in being a professional performer? Or simply the best performer they can be. Then you need The Studio Extension Programs to guide your student along effective pathways.

PERFORMER Mentoring Program

Your child has said they want to be a performer – you nod,  but you have no idea where to begin.  If your child has said that they want to become a performer, it should be likened to your child stating they want to be an elite sportsperson! If you would allow them to believe that they can become a professional Rugby player by only playing at school – you would be misleading them.

The Studio Performer Mentoring Program is three-fold and involves; the student, the parents and Director Danielle Lennon. It is designed to put as many facts as possible before you and your student, while also creating opportunities to improve their resilience. The Program offers continuing parental support, to help you understand the needs of your creative student.

Students who have successfully completed the Performer Mentor Program include New Zealand Commonwealth Games competitor Keziah Oliver, National Equestrian Vaulting Champion Morgan Winwood, 2013 Harvest Rain Intern Katie Baillie, Queensland Ballet Senior Program Kaede Furukawa, Ballet Theatre of Queensland Jordan Lennon.


At The Studio we offer Scholarship Assistance tailored to meet the strengths of your student and the Scholarship Criteria for your selected College.

Basic Scholarship Assistance; includes writing of your professional CV, private 30 minute lesson, audition technique and mock audition. Extras that can be added include Scholarship Choreography

Private Choreography Lessons

  • Dance $200.00
    includes eisteddfod choreography, music, 3 hours of private lessons – please note this Extension program is only available to Studio students currently enrolled.
  • Senior Mentor Program $330 per term
    includes termly consultation with student and parent + 7 private lessons. The student’s long term desires will be aligned with effective short term accomplishments for the student to work towards for each term of the Program.
  • Basic Scholarship Assistance $250
    includes initial consultation, writing of CV, private 30 minute lesson, audition technique & mock audition
  • Scholarship Choreography $150.00
    includes choreography (in 2 styles), music, 3 hours of rehearsal.