Let them enjoy Dance as a wonderful Art form.

IMG_4083One Studio choreographer sheepishly stated that she, “had a great idea for some Open Choreography, but, it won’t do well at Eisteddfod”, do it I proclaimed. As Studio Director, I have noticed the current Australian Eisteddfod climate favouring dance schools entering the same item year after year.  Whilst this enables a group to perfect the same set pattern of steps, and gives a better chance of securing a 1st place, this is not an effective learning experience or what Dance is about. It is certainly not the art of dance that we embody at The Studio.

We do not enter Eisteddfods to win…

At The Studio, we participate in Eisteddfods to provide our students with two added learning experiences on a professional stage. Having chosen our two local Eisteddfods, they are within a comfortable twenty minute drive from our Studio home, the annual timing of these competitions allows us to finish with the Eisteddfod experience by the end of Term 2 and move onto other dance opportunities, experiences and choreography.

As a professional educator, there is little to be gained from students repeatedly practicing the same pattern of lop-sided dance steps year after year. As an Artist, I need to be constantly creating & practicing and I believe my students should be too. And finally, as an Arts mentor, I believe that the art of choreography is an element that students should be exposed to. The ability to watch your choreographers, moulding, creating, and re-forming Art, allows our students to develop their own voice as a storyteller. Let your child learn the art of dance, live the fulfilment that comes from pure enjoyment and become passionate about the art form, it truly is a wonderful experience.