Love your Teenagers!

When our babies are small, they are cute, irresistible, and we can while away the hours watching their every move. BUT then they start to grow teens and pre-teens they are often grumpy, moody, and down-right sullen. Nothing has changed in fact these gorgeous teenagers need us more than ever.

As a Dance Studio Owner I witness conversations from other studios based on the question “how do I deal with teenage eye-rolling, or the dreaded teenage sighs”, as Director of The Studio – Springfield, I often have parents (sometimes in tears) asking how can I deal with my teenager – he/ she has changed!

My response to both is the same, these gorgeous students have not changed, they are behaving EXACTLY as they need to.  Their bodies are growing, adapting & warping before their very eyes – and the eyes of a social media savvy community! Have you ever noticed what a teenager does when they look at a picture? They use their two fingers to zoom in; to the dimples on their thighs, or the pimple on their forehead and they don’t just do it to themselves – they have it done to them by ‘friends’ and ‘friends of friends’ and they in-turn are doing it to their peers as well..

My suggestion, in fact my recommendation is,  be the calm in their storm. Our teenagers NEED their community, their parents, school teachers, dance, drama, acrobatics and circus teachers to believe that they are good people, to trust in them AND to let them make mistakes. They need to learn and grow within safe communities away from devices and social media. They need to try and fail, and get back up and try again. My staff and I LOVE the challenge of teaching our pre-teen and teenage students – we also relish the opportunity to help our families grow and learn through a time that can feel quite difficult.

You joyfully watch a young baby take it’s first steps, now I challenge you to think of your pre-teens and teenagers the same way. They are taking their first precarious steps into becoming young adults – they WILL  say, act and do things badly – but every now and again they will get it just right!  We are so lucky to share this journey with our children and students. Hold them close, because they are learning to fly!

But Why Bother with performing?

“Thank you. Sierah is what she is today because of The Studio” K.Small 22.10.17

It is Concert season and all around the globe Dance teachers are hearing the same thing, “why do our kids have to perform, it takes so long, why another rehearsal?”

At most reputable schools performing in annual concerts will not be compulsory – students who have annual holidays booked or that very important trip to visit Granny should feel comfortable having that life experience and still be able to be involved in their weekly classes. So why should students (of all ages) perform?

Put simply, because it is not natural, it is not second-nature. It is a skill that takes practice and resilience (but when parents are feeling stretched and anxious for their child, sometimes even they forget this). As adults we perform everyday;

when you are driving home in a thunderstorm and your child is in the back of the car – “everything’s fine, lets sing a song”,  when we head into a job interview, when we need to speak to the school about our child, when we are feeling sick but have to go to work, or even walking up to new mums in the playground. Each and everytime we are performing, we are faking it.

For students of all ages from 2 years to 18 learning to have resilience is their greatest challenge.  By having the opportunity to perform annually in a safe and supported environment, students realise that they CAN do it and therefore continue to develop their resilience . They discover that the butterflies they feel in their stomach are normal and that everybody feels the same nerves.

As a parent, what is the best thing you can do?

A young 8 year old Sierah at her first singing concert at The Studio – Springfield

Trust your stomach, if you know your child is safe in this environment, don’t be afraid to let them protest a little,  cry sometimes – they are nervous but you know that this is good for them. Do not negate their feelings, they are very real to them. Instead remind them that they felt similar last Christmas but had a great time and couldn’t stop talking about it after. Ask the teachers if there is a “buddy system” that way you can talk about “Jack” and what his costume looks like or what he is doing … but most importantly Stay Calm for your child. They are feeling out of control and they need to feel like you have got this!



Ask the Right Questions

LOVE Jazz!
Triple Threat

The Studio Springfield is entering it’s 11th year and the Dance Industry is still not regulated. Parents ring to ask the cost of the class, when it is & what uniform is required…but they do not ask who will teach my child, do they have a blue card, what experience with children have they had?

I remember my son being trained at the local football club, his first coach was great, he was a GOOD EDUCATOR (although he probably didn’t know it). The next coach, used to yell at the boys at half-time (they were 8!), he would stop the boys at the end of the game in the middle of the pitch, tell the boys to sit, and as he leant forward, hands on hips, aggressive, he would berate their game. That was our last season, the following year the kids were enrolled at a local private school and their teachers took Saturday sport! It cost me more, but we witnessed professional teachers who had age appropriate expectations instructing the children, the kids thrived, our family loved the experience.

So what questions should we ask of our Dance, Music, Acrobatics or Circus school;

1. Who will be teaching my child? May I see a copy of their Blue Card?
2. How is that teacher qualified to ensure safe methods in teaching my child, how experienced are they? May I see a copy of their teaching credentials?
3. How many children will be in my child’s class? Why
4. What type of conditions will my child be training in? Floor surface, air conditioning, barres, mirrors, acrobatic equipment
5. What opportunities are available to my child besides class?
6. What is the culture of the studio, are exams, competitions, performances compulsory? What are your expectations?
7. Are there any unique attributes that your school has to offer my

Unfortunately, the Performing Arts Industry in Queensland was de-regulated on the 26th April, 2004, and since then, anyone who wants to open a music, singing, drama, dance, acting, modelling school, may do so without having any formal or recognised qualifications and without being registered by any of the world renowned teaching bodies available to us in Australia.

The Studios who look after your child’s safety, who hold qualifications, and registrations with renowned teaching bodies, have higher overheads, insurance, exhaustive music licensing, updating equipment, effective flooring, safety equipment all adds to a higher investment rate by Studio Owners and higher fees for parents. Most importantly, although there are no government regulations telling us to do it, we LOVE and respect your children, so much so that we have created a community that is the very best for your child and family (and we are very proud of it)!

Contact Reception to ask your questions 0419 788 346


Finding The Studio that fits your family

Jazz Dance LessonsIt’s a great time to check out local dance schools by viewing their Annual Dance Concerts!  Have you been thinking about enrolling your child at a Dance school? You’re not sure which one…then now is a great time to have a look at their annual concerts.

When I was 6 years old, my Dance School moved and as my mum needed to find a new place to keep me moving and grooving, the search began. Over the following two years I was enrolled and DE-enrolled in six different dance schools until finally they found the ‘glove that fits’. During this time, one of the best barometers of school assessment was the combination of trying classes and watching a concert or display. As a parent, a concert gave my mum the overall outcome of a school; were the children given the opportunity to perform on a professional stage, were the costumes and dance style age appropriate, were there senior students for the younger ones to be inspired by?

I have never forgotten those two years. Mum didn’t drive at the time, so it meant catching a lot of public transport and walking to trial all the different dance schools. We even had one that had wanted to put me on pointe the following year (at 7!!!!).  When we finally found the one, ‘the glove that fits’, it became my Studio home for the next ten years of my dance education.

Don’t be afraid to try, try and try again until you find the ‘right fit’. When you do, you will know it; your child will blossom and you will feel at ease with your decision. In the meantime, get out there and ‘check out’ what’s on offer.

PS While you are at it…

The Studio of Performing Arts -Springfield Annual Concert tickets,

Annual Concert Saturday November 12th, St John’s Auditorium, Forest Lake Junior Concert 10.00am, Senior Concert 3.00pm. (Jnr Concert involves students from 2 year – School Grade 3, Snr Concert involves students from Grade 4 – Advanced)

Let them enjoy Dance as a wonderful Art form.

IMG_4083One Studio choreographer sheepishly stated that she, “had a great idea for some Open Choreography, but, it won’t do well at Eisteddfod”, do it I proclaimed. As Studio Director, I have noticed the current Australian Eisteddfod climate favouring dance schools entering the same item year after year.  Whilst this enables a group to perfect the same set pattern of steps, and gives a better chance of securing a 1st place, this is not an effective learning experience or what Dance is about. It is certainly not the art of dance that we embody at The Studio.

We do not enter Eisteddfods to win…

At The Studio, we participate in Eisteddfods to provide our students with two added learning experiences on a professional stage. Having chosen our two local Eisteddfods, they are within a comfortable twenty minute drive from our Studio home, the annual timing of these competitions allows us to finish with the Eisteddfod experience by the end of Term 2 and move onto other dance opportunities, experiences and choreography.

As a professional educator, there is little to be gained from students repeatedly practicing the same pattern of lop-sided dance steps year after year. As an Artist, I need to be constantly creating & practicing and I believe my students should be too. And finally, as an Arts mentor, I believe that the art of choreography is an element that students should be exposed to. The ability to watch your choreographers, moulding, creating, and re-forming Art, allows our students to develop their own voice as a storyteller. Let your child learn the art of dance, live the fulfilment that comes from pure enjoyment and become passionate about the art form, it truly is a wonderful experience.


You don’t pay your Dance teacher to teach Dance

It may seem strange but you are not handing your child to their mathematics teacher to teach them maths, anymore than you are entrusting the professional educators at The Studio to teach your child, Dance, Drama, Acrobatics, Music or Circus.

Image of acrobatic performers Springfield Brisbane

I can hear the gasps of disbelief – but it is true. Teachers of any genre; maths, science, dance, drama or music, teach your child to deal with adversity, to cope with stressful situations by turning to their community for support, and to leap, fall and grand jeté through their pitfalls.

We know that to develop stronger human beings, we must;

  1. Develop an awareness of those who SUPPORT them, a network of support
  2. Develop HOW they view themselves,
  3. Develop their ability to DO things!

The WAY we teach at The Studio – Springfield makes the world of difference to our students. We teach your children that in a world of disconnectedness there are people outside their immediate family that they can trust and that support them. This is what we teach our students in every lesson, through HOW we teach dance, drama, music and circus lessons.

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The Arts develops positive, creative students

Male and Female Ballet Dancers Springfield Qld

In a busy, time poor world, we are often more connected to our devices than each other. At The Studio of Performing Arts – Springfield,  your child will be encouraged to develop positive human relationships as they gain new skills and get stronger.

Dance, Drama, Music and Circus lessons

encourage students, from as young as two years of age, to use their bodies and voices in new ways. Students grow through the Arts at The Studio – Springfield. With a positive nurturing environment, including specialist teachers who know HOW to teach your child and a support staff to answer your every query. The Studio becomes a valued extension of your family.

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